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Let's Make Job Of Folding Moving Boxes Easy –Peasy

Packing up the moving box is the most crucial step of #moving, because if you assembled the boxes right then they can handle the uneven filling of items and can hold the goods till they reach the destination. When going for buying moving boxes we suggest you to buy the smaller size boxes so we won't go for over stuffing and overall surface tension won't be much so the chances of breakage will be less. Small boxes come around 16 inch’s long, and medium around 18 inch’s long and if you go for large it will come around 20 inches long. Mainly we pack on small and medium boxes but if you wanna pack large and light items like pillow and bedding, or any light weight yet big item's then go for large one. Prepared your checklist know the flow of how the things will work and where to start but before you begin make sure you know how to prepare your moving boxes for the war of moving so before you get set and go for #packing read this Packers and Movers in Chandigarh guide

When assembling cardboard boxes you will need several things the first and foremost is packing tape, so buy heavy duty weather resistance packing tapes. If your packing tape have dispenser attached then you don't need scissors but if it don't then don't forget to get hands on some good pair of scissors. Folding boxes will take time and space so before you begin working on them get a free room so you can spread out and work and get a good deal of patience before you start, as it is not fun but you can avoid boredom by playing your favourite playlist or podcast along with the work.

Packers And Movers Chandigarh

How to fold a box:

Step 1: collect moving boxes you can ask movers, your friends, office place, general store or any place you have in your mind generally the boxes will be coming in flattened size. To begin with assembling process first sits the flattened box upright and folds the top flaps downwards, so they touch the outer part of the box. Wanna know the right way to lift heavy items then check out #Movers and #Packers guide.

Also if you wanna find reusable moving boxes then try to search on Facebook marketplace, ask neighbours, workplace, retail store or on yard sale.

Step 2 : now move the boxes and hold the two edges and push a little that will make a 3d rectangle shape.

Step 3: now the box is in rectangular shape, its time to flip the box to so the four folded flaps will be on the bottom, Now you will receive additional four flaps facing the ceiling.

Step 4: now pack the 3d rectangular box from one side for that fold the small flaps in and then fold the larger flaps on top.

Step 5: time to rock that heavy duty tape you have bought before, take it now tape it over the middle to secure the flaps in place. Add another layer of tape on both sides of the middle crease for extra steadiness, check again is the flaps looks sturdy and in place then turn it around and start packing your goods when you are all done label the box and follow the same procedure for #packing the top.

Also if you find any vacant place in moving box you can fill it with some old cloths, socks or newspaper rolls. Now move your bike from #Chandigarh to anywhere without any hassle with the help of Packers and Movers in Chandigarh.

Some tips for mastering how to pack moving boxes.

  • Get the right number: Go through your things check what you will pack in what if you have any box in your home try to pack that so you can get idea what size of boxes you will require and how much, because finding boxes in last minute won't be a chill situation and tension on tension.
  • How to place what: Place heavier item on small box this way they won't shift during the transit and easy to handle as the size of the box is small and weight will get limited and for lighter items go for larger box.
  • Use glass divider: To prevent your crockery, glasses and bowls from breakage use glass divider while packing them, one you place it the next step will be just pack your items in packing paper and place them in box, if you wanna know how to pack your fragile and delicate item's safely then check out Movers and Packers guide.
  • Pack non essential first and essential last: When packing up your home go room by room and start first with the non seasonal items which you will require after several months, and pack essentials like kitchen wear, bedding, toiletries and all in last so you can use them till the day before the move.
  • Label the boxes: Wanna save your after move hassle and hubbub then follow a systematic labelling technique, use any color code or numbering to keep you in track like what is going where and what to find in what.

Need any help in moving get the work done with the help of professional Packers and Movers in Chandigarh, they got expert team who are equipped with update tech.


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