Tuesday, 2 June 2020

What Are Those 5 Things You Should Never Give Custody To Movers?

If you are moving soon then you need to know what things you should never pack and load on moving truck. Planning, #packing, #loading and #unloading, changing address and lot more in this it becomes so easy to forget some important things you shouldn't pack, no matter how reliable your Mover is. Pack your ordinary belongings well and by following the moving checklist you have planned before, also while packing remember to note down the single damage your goods have or any scratch you van even click the picture which you can verify later when movers unload your goods to check nothing is damage and never forget to label your goods which tell you what is inside means will also help you in what boxes you should not mix with other boxes. Local Packers and Movers Chandigarh know what your goods mean to you and to provide you the best they have adequate skilled team and equipment.

Your Jewels:

They are small and expensive which makes them vulnerable to disappear during the #moving process. Actually it's very easy to place your ring or broach during the moving process, which you are so much loaded with chaos of moving task, have to take care of family needs, kids, pets and other relevant things  also in such a great deal of moving what do you think people can't take the advantage of frantic and chaos and can't take your jewellery. However if you choose sensibly and check every detail like customer feedbacks and all then you assure that your #moving company won't steal anything but things are not settled yet this delicate pieces can tangled or damage easily during the move, so pack them carefully read Packers and Movers guide on how to #pack the jewellery for move and take that box with you, with you don't load it with the other goods, because only how know how valuable they are.


No one will steal or damage your documents but if you misplace it or pack them anywhere you can't find them on the right time. Take a file folder place your moving related documents, family medical records, pet records, school records, property papers, share certificate, bank papers, insurance papers, vehicle registration or any other documents in it. You can also place them in brief case which is portable to carry anywhere and keep it segregated from others, also if you are flying with the plane double check your tickets. Ohhh while separating all this don't forget to prepare Essential box which will keep you comfortable till your goods arrive in your new home, wanna know how to prepare one Check out Movers and Packers guide.

Local Packers And Movers Chandigarh

Some antiques and artworks:

You can't pack your big and huge antiques in your own vehicle but you can keep some smaller one in it. When preparing your antiques, artworks or any collected unique item's for moving pack them in adequate and good quality packing material and place them carefully in the moving truck so to keep them safe, if you have lots of special items then it's not a bad idea to take specialized services, Packers and Movers In Chandigarh have specialized team and required equipment’s to carry out such type of move successfully. And for other smaller ones consider taking them in your car but with full protection, wrap them in bubble wrap sheet and in stretch sheet or you can wrap them in blanket too.

Items of high sentimental values:

The loss of these items can't be valued in terms of money and can distress you emotionally, this high sentimental value goods are irreplaceable because of the memories attached to it, it can be a broken pocket watch of no value or grandfather clock which is highly valuable, no matter whether it's valuable or not your family heirloom priceless for you and losing them will be unbearable and painful. Only you know how dearly your goods to you, whether it's expensive or not that's why we suggest you to move it by yourself, although chances of get stolen is less but chances of get damage is high so try to move it with you. If you require moving insurance contact Packers and Movers in Chandigarh.

Imported and expensive electronics:

Do you know these item's top the list of high risk of getting stolen, and if contains your personal information then you can also become the victim of identity theft, so keep your expensive camera, watch, laptop, smartphone or any smart gadgets with you, before the moving day keep your all important items which you are transporting with you in a separate room and lock it up. Also there are prone to damage if you are moving during mid summer or in mid winter due to extreme temperature that's why you should move them in your car so you can take care of the temperature factor and if you can't then pack them very carefully, using appropriate packing material and #packing tricks, also label then well so to know what you have handle with more care. Also read #Packers and #Movers guide on how to keep you #safe during #move from outside theft.

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