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What Are Those 5 Things You Should Never Give Custody To Movers?

If you are moving soon then you need to know what things you should never pack and load on moving truck. Planning, #packing, #loading and #unloading, changing address and lot more in this it becomes so easy to forget some important things you shouldn't pack, no matter how reliable your Mover is. Pack your ordinary belongings well and by following the moving checklist you have planned before, also while packing remember to note down the single damage your goods have or any scratch you van even click the picture which you can verify later when movers unload your goods to check nothing is damage and never forget to label your goods which tell you what is inside means will also help you in what boxes you should not mix with other boxes. Local Packers and Movers Chandigarh know what your goods mean to you and to provide you the best they have adequate skilled team and equipment.

Your Jewels:

They are small and expensive which makes them vulnerable to disappear during the #moving process. Actually it's very easy to place your ring or broach during the moving process, which you are so much loaded with chaos of moving task, have to take care of family needs, kids, pets and other relevant things  also in such a great deal of moving what do you think people can't take the advantage of frantic and chaos and can't take your jewellery. However if you choose sensibly and check every detail like customer feedbacks and all then you assure that your #moving company won't steal anything but things are not settled yet this delicate pieces can tangled or damage easily during the move, so pack them carefully read Packers and Movers guide on how to #pack the jewellery for move and take that box with you, with you don't load it with the other goods, because only how know how valuable they are.


No one will steal or damage your documents but if you misplace it or pack them anywhere you can't find them on the right time. Take a file folder place your moving related documents, family medical records, pet records, school records, property papers, share certificate, bank papers, insurance papers, vehicle registration or any other documents in it. You can also place them in brief case which is portable to carry anywhere and keep it segregated from others, also if you are flying with the plane double check your tickets. Ohhh while separating all this don't forget to prepare Essential box which will keep you comfortable till your goods arrive in your new home, wanna know how to prepare one Check out Movers and Packers guide.

Local Packers And Movers Chandigarh

Some antiques and artworks:

You can't pack your big and huge antiques in your own vehicle but you can keep some smaller one in it. When preparing your antiques, artworks or any collected unique item's for moving pack them in adequate and good quality packing material and place them carefully in the moving truck so to keep them safe, if you have lots of special items then it's not a bad idea to take specialized services, Packers and Movers In Chandigarh have specialized team and required equipment’s to carry out such type of move successfully. And for other smaller ones consider taking them in your car but with full protection, wrap them in bubble wrap sheet and in stretch sheet or you can wrap them in blanket too.

Items of high sentimental values:

The loss of these items can't be valued in terms of money and can distress you emotionally, this high sentimental value goods are irreplaceable because of the memories attached to it, it can be a broken pocket watch of no value or grandfather clock which is highly valuable, no matter whether it's valuable or not your family heirloom priceless for you and losing them will be unbearable and painful. Only you know how dearly your goods to you, whether it's expensive or not that's why we suggest you to move it by yourself, although chances of get stolen is less but chances of get damage is high so try to move it with you. If you require moving insurance contact Packers and Movers in Chandigarh.

Imported and expensive electronics:

Do you know these item's top the list of high risk of getting stolen, and if contains your personal information then you can also become the victim of identity theft, so keep your expensive camera, watch, laptop, smartphone or any smart gadgets with you, before the moving day keep your all important items which you are transporting with you in a separate room and lock it up. Also there are prone to damage if you are moving during mid summer or in mid winter due to extreme temperature that's why you should move them in your car so you can take care of the temperature factor and if you can't then pack them very carefully, using appropriate packing material and #packing tricks, also label then well so to know what you have handle with more care. Also read #Packers and #Movers guide on how to keep you #safe during #move from outside theft.

Tuesday, 10 December 2019

Practice These 16 TIPS To Compose Your Move Bit Effortless

Transform your struggle journey to the happiest one

Packers and Movers Chandigarh have been sharing the top hacks, tips and suggestions to solve your query every time so that your move becomes less trouble-full for you guys when moving by own. However, you can hire the best and cheap movers and packers in Chandigarh for your move because we cost you very cheap and affordable and that’s very genuine and reasonable to your pockets. The main point is we have shared you almost every type of shifting and packing tips describing them in a complete long version, mentioning the even smallest thing to the important ones. But this we won’t be sharing any packing tip to you regarding specific item; because this time Packers and Movers in Chandigarh will be sharing you the top 16 hacks or tips related to entire move to make or compose your move bit easier and effortless.

Top And Best Packers And Movers Chandigarh

16 moving tips or hacks by the top and professional packers and movers in Chandigarh –

  1. As we always say and recommend writing the label or a short content or title over the box from outside mentioning which room stuffs does it consists of. This will help you while #unpacking, as with specific and required room you can choose to unpack the box and start re-arranging.
  2. Must assign your known and trust-worthy people with your boxes, now it won’t be possible in every case that you can look towards your #moving truck, but definitely you can assign this job to known person to ensure that the boxes move to intended place.
  3. Do not wrap your valuables such as jewelry pieces, gold or silver in a moving box, instead Packers and Movers Chandigarh suggest you invest in a safe lock box for high-end safety.
  4. You know how important a moving day box is, within it you can keep your essential and bit food items and other medicines. What if it’s hard for you to find and look for the things inside a huge and stuck box. Try to choose a plastic container or box so that it’s transparent and you directly pick the one you need.
  5. Be smart enough to play well with your packing hacks, use your socks, woolen wears and other winter stuffs to wrap your fragile, knifes and other glass wears. As this secure coating will safeguard your item from damage every easily and can work well then, a bubble wrap sometimes.
  6. Scrub well – not your face and body but the new house. This tip is very essential #Packers and Movers in Chandigarh would like to advise you that clean or scrub your new house well before you enter and starting with unpacking and re-arranging task.
  7. If moving by own, we’ll suggest you rent your moving truck from a renowned and professional mover to have a genuine driver and contacting them if anything happens will be easy for you.
  8. Do not leave the things for end moment, Packers and Movers Hoshiarpur has seen that people used to leave things to do at end and the time runs so fast that they’ve to carry them in the condition it is. Especially never do this with your valuable or expensive goods, wrap them before and try to never put things later.
  9. The best way to pack your plates has put them in a vertical order to avoid risk of damage and ensure that you’ve done several layers of padding for a better safety experience.
  10. Contact social groups, charities or even needy families to donate and share your love. Share the things you’ve sorted not to take with you, give them either if its food, soft drinks or clothes or even furniture. This may be very useful for them; share this happiness and donate your stuffs before you move.
  11. Prepare some quick food and drinks in case your family or friends are helping to move out. These short breaks with snacks will re-energize them to work in a productive way – say packers and movers in Chandigarh.
  12. If having any trouble in finding the free moving boxes or some special boxes for wrapping the refrigerator, LED, microwaves or etc. contact the Top and Best Movers and Packers in Chandigarh to hire the required moving boxes of different sizes in a very cheap price quote.
  13. Count the boxes and note them somewhere in safe, if you know you can forget them. Because it’s crucial to count the stock while #loading and #unloading.
  14. Fold your clothes by rolling them to avoid consuming the extra space in luggages. Make sure to use your own handbags, trollies or luggage to pack and move your clothes.
  15. Make a separate box of special documents from mark sheets to warranty papers, Aadhar card to PAN card, address to bank papers etc. keep them in a safe place like secure folder or suitcases and make sure to keep them in your eye sight.
  16. Never keep so much cash in your bag, instead take only the required cash and use your card or do online transaction whenever there’s requisite. If moving with a mover, make sure to pay them at the end once you reach to destination, never pay in advance not a single amount. Hire Packers and Movers in Sangrur for #best #shifting and genuine experience.

Friday, 27 September 2019

Universal Roommate Problems – Here Are The Ways To Solve Them

Even if you are extrovert you probably had experienced once in your lifetime “ohhh ssh.. That roommate, I really had a hard time in adjusting" sharing your living space with the other person is really a difficult task even for the extroverts. I too had pretty bad roommates and at times I was pretty bad roommate by myself.  Roommate problem is not limited to the college student many adults how are not a romantic partner live together because of job or any other purpose, you can see plenty of people are dealing with roommate problems on a daily basis, other side not always agree to the agreement which means clashes. To help you people out Packers and Movers Chandigarh has gathered these universal roommate problems and also has the way to fix them.

1. Cost:

Being roommates is not limited to sharing living space; it’s also sharing the cost incurred on it and for it. It quite annoying when you have to remind your roommate to share the rent every month and things not finished till here you have to handle all the grocery things, electricity bill and other basic expenditure, its just not fair Hain? When you two are sharing the resources, then why only you have to pay for it.  Wanna shift your vehicle from your home to your apartment do it perfectly, by availing #transportation services from Packers and Movers Chandigarh.


Sometime even you feel awkward when you already asked about two to three times so rather than asking just two of you use a splitting app which will tell you about the monthly expenditure and remind you about it, it will also tell you about any pending share or advance. So solve this problem by using some payment sharing app.

Packers And Movers Chandigarh

2. Noise Issue:

Many roommate agreements are ruined because of noise, it can be because of loud music playing all day, late night outing, slamming the door so loudly, unwanted noise will get you annoyed and lose your concentration and it's the worst situation, because home is the only place where you can find the peace you are looking for all day and realising that only place is no more peaceful will really drive us crazy. Moving for a first time, doesn’t worry we got you, hire professional Movers and Packers Chandigarh and get the #best services.


Sometimes we are less bothered by the noises we make than the noises other make, may be they don't know that their this habits are disturbing you so tell them in a polite way- like close the door softly bro.. I love too wake up by my alarm. You can also create some rules and regulations like we will play loud music only between 4 to 10 pm. If these are agreeable then that's good.

3. Unexpected Entry:

Is your roommate’s friend spend as much time in your apartment as he do then you obviously feeling like you live with two roommates not one. He doesn't contribute on any cost and always comes up to share your things when you want to relax he sprawled out on the couch. Agreement is between you two people means you both have equal rights on it, that’s mean its not aright thing to let other people in without your consent, you never sing up agreement for this” buy one get one free” thing Local Packers and Movers Chandigarh suggest to adapt label system so to avoid unpacking hassle.


Don’t drag it too long, because the more you stretch the more complicated it will get so talk to your roommate nicely about this, no matter how nice the other person is if they don't take any responsibility and your consent then its not worth it, many lease have strict rules regarding the guest stay so check it out, you can even raise complaint if things get worse. Don't hesitate get straight to the point with your roommate about the agreement and if they want to stay then take some responsibility.

Best And Reliable Shifting In Chandigarh

4. Taking Without Permission:

Talking your things without your permission is the worst offense. It’s really frustrating when the chocolate you was thinking for all day long are eaten by someone else, your favourite facemask is running out twice as fast it normally does. Pack your precious artwork carefully and securely by availing #Local #Packers and #Movers #Chandigarh #packing #services.


Every people have different norms, may be taking without asking is problem for you but not for the other one. Ask decently so it won’t look like accusation hey have you seen my chocolate’s I couldn't able to find them, I want to eat them desperately. Tell them “Please ask me before; if you need something or take something" will be good.

Also for the chorus work make a do the list and divide the work equally, you can do so by diving on the day basis or the basis of work you will to the sweeping I will to the moping extra. Sometimes job division is necessary for smooth working that’s why don't load yourself for the relocation job take help from friends or professional Movers and Packers Amritsar.

Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Is Switching To New Property After Retirement Worth For You?

Should you deal to relocate after your retirement; know with us?

Relocating after getting retirement from job seems to be a great and logical choice- once to set up your mind and tighten your belts; nothing in this world can stop you from wrapping up and shifting to your desire location, this may be someplace jolly, someplace loving, someplace cheap or someplace green even. You can pick a perfect destination for your mood and enjoy these golden years of time as you wanted from always.

Packers and Movers in Chandigarh speaks a clear thought – that moving after your retirement to a new town, to a new area is a perfect opportunity, however you’ve serve your several years of life towards your family and job. But now it’s a time to live for yourself and for your beloved partner, get better health, live with your family now, enjoy the perfect climate and pursue all the happiness as much as you can. This is all top and safe packers and movers Chandigarh wishes for you.

On the other you may face some difficulties where you wish to stay at the same place and with your memories but eventually your mind even instruct you to relocate. This confusion is the biggest game to solve. What are the categories to watch and consider when you want to shift into new home after retirement? Is #moving after retirement worth for you or not; know with Movers and Packers in Chandigarh.

Economical deliberation

Many people thinks that shifting to new place after retirement help one to boost their financial status, is it true?

You’re living in an expensive city:  Selling home with high costs and buying small and cheap house in town could make some money #safe in your pockets. But only if the living expenses in new town are as cheap as the house retails you, otherwise shifting to new town would come up with a big joke on you. After all #shifting to new state with lower property taxes also helps you in your financial status.

You get more space than you need: Sometimes space issues also charges high in economy which advise you to change the home and shift to a smaller one as per needed. Selling a big family house and moving to a smaller house will also result in affordable utility bills, taxes, maintenance #cost and etc.

Local Packers And Movers Chandigarh

You’re house isn’t safe and comfortable for you: Safe and Best Packers and Movers in Chandigarh recommend you to plan something good if this situation is common with you too. At this age where you all need peace and quality time for yourself, if even within your house you’re unable to find safety and comfort zone for you and your partner than it’s worth less to live in that house for next more years. For such shifting will be a good opportunity to find safety, happiness around and a comfort zone for you both. 

Family deliberations

One of the most crucial things to note is moving after your retirement may make you closer or farther to your family. Many of times due to government job or position you spend your whole life in different city far apart from your family just to make them feed and live. Now this sacrifices worth’s for your Childs and family and now it’s the right time to get back to your family- to your children and grandchildren’s and celebrate your life with no worries of job anymore.

But sometimes this relocation may even result a distance between you and your family. However technologies will help you in every way to keep in touch with your loved ones but still spending time together and living with them is a completely different story to tell. If in any case you have to take a decision to shift to new house after your retirement far apart from your family then this step will be hard to take and may result into lonely feeling all around. But if the reason is so big to relocate than saying anything in opposite will not work. Is just do not forget to reach us in whatever situation you’re when you’re planning to move- call us anytime @ Top and Professional Packers and Movers in Chandigarh. 

Healthcare deliberations

You just cannot ignore your health in any case; this is another big issue to focus when planning to move after your retirement. Is the weather at your city is not favorable for you but somehow you manage to live for some years due to your job and commitments than now it’s right time to stand up and walk because you just got your retirement and now you’re free form all your commitments. So Packers and Movers Behlana Chandigarh suggests you to stop ignoring your health every time for the sake of money, focus on your better health to live some more years and spend your hard-earn money on your happiness.

Even you wish to move away from your home to new property than shifting in this age is not wrong until the distance becomes the issue to focus on. Otherwise movers and packers in Chandigarh is all time ready and will feel pleasure to help you to relocate to your dream location. But must focus on these top 3 considerations or deliberations before you move after your retirement, sit and think deep because spending unnecessary to unwanted things is senseless so Packers and Movers Ajauli Chandigarh always suggests you to take the shifting decision wisely and always see the positive as well the negative aspects before you move. We’ve show you both the benefits and negative aspects you may face after you move from retirement to do not hurry up, just think and call us.

Saturday, 28 July 2018

What Are Those Stereotyped Scams You Must Enlighten Of While Moving From Chandigarh; A Vigilant Escort By Packers And Movers Chandigarh

#Moving scams are listened every time because of your irresponsibility you kick yourself in such shells of frauds- instead to take a proper informatory about the move and then choose the right company for the move. However Packers and Movers Chandigarh is being a best host for relocations in genuine costs and with legal license.

Let’s see the top #Moving scams you are not aware of but must be in knowledge when hiring any company for your move.

Fallacious references

You’re sensible enough to ask for the references- references from your friends, relatives, neighbours are common to watch. But recommendation by a fraud moving company may lead your move to false expectations and losses. There are several website showing the false ratings and reviews to customers and faultless customers like you believe it to be real and hire them. But in end you need to suffer for what you’ve hired and for the money you’ve spent.

Though we have various options and websites to compare and know the best moving company in your #City but with whom you must take off your flights and trust for your stuff; so never get so serious for any recommendations until the Best and Safe Packers and Movers Chandigarh suggest you for some.

We’re a moving association and we have list of top moving companies of Chandigarh so you can trust us completely for the reliability and genuineness of the mover. 

Packers And Movers Chandigarh  Reviews

Unrealistically low estimates

Some mover will offer you such estimates which tend to be good to see just in way to attract your choice to choose them. Can you give low costs for branded products? Pretty obviously NO, as a brand has same rates for all their clients a real and Professional Moversand Packers Chandigarh has same rates for all the clients whether too rich or medium. If you trust them just for low costs they’ll ask for deposits and then you’ll never ever hear them again. Such cases are popular to listen in everyday news and people like you who are not aware of stick into such frauds.

Before hearing the actual conditions never give such deposit amount; they may appear on moving date and may ask you to pay more for the rest of the services as it can be just hiring amount or booking amount. So, stay safe from such cheaters and summon Packers and Movers in Chandigarh for realistic #Packing and #Shifting services.

Enormous deposit demands

When such moving costs can be as low as they can’t be and you seem it’s an offer or something like they’re helping you without any margin; which is senseless again. And if on second hand the company may ask for unreasonable amount of #Moving then this is again senseless to understand. They may promise you to give high quality Services, security, warehousing facility and etc; but these words are just for words only they cannot be turn into reality through them.

Make sure to watch the price quotations of Packers And Movers Ludhiana Charges and then compare it with other moving companies to know the reliability of the quotations offered by them. Hiring us is your choice no external force but we always want your security and happiness without any loss for which you need to compare the price rates to find the right one.

Non- professional trainers and equipments

Moving with an unknown company and then too paying high or enough but yet no such handling equipments are used during your moving, packing and loading then paying sky- high is foolish deal. Such handling and big equipments are legally purchased; normal people like us cannot have them in our homes because only reliable industries can use it. Only its big companies or industries own it for their works so if your mover is not filled with such equipments which makes the work easier and reduce the consumption of extra time then it’s useless to hire them and paying high. Instead ask your mover earlier if they have equipments or not because it ensures safety more than the labour initially load the stuffs. In the beginning they may promise you that they’re the #Reliable and #Best #Moving company and they use equipments to pack and move and therefore; it cost some extra -- even though getting extra money they’re not giving you the right service sin return then you can complain against them. 

So for getting genuine Packing and Shifting services hire the Local Packers And Movers Daria Chandigarh to get the best shifting and packing experience in very genuine rates.

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How To Hand-Pick Long Distance Movers With Movers And Packers In Chandigarh?

Guide to pick long distance movers with Packers and Movers Chandigarh

Budget and money is not always the thing to consider to choose anyone through this, good things always comes in good rates and fake things always have a trademark of original one but the quality is fake thereby it is charge less than the original one. This strategy is follow for every field whether it’s accessory one or a #Moving company.

So you cannot judge and choose any company for its quotation but obvious the costing means lot to you but that doesn’t mean that you’ll throw your belongings in unsafe zone in the hands of that mover which is fake, how can you trust them? well quotations and moving costs matter but what Packers And Movers Chandigarh wants from you is to identify the right and original Mover for your long distance move, so the belongings are safe in hands and also if it cost little higher no issues but at least the stuffs are secure with originality and repudiation. 

Except moving costs and price rates what other factors to know while choosing a mover for your long distance is prescribed here by safe and secure Packers and Movers in Chandigarh Local please stay tuned to know how to choose long distance mover in Chandigarh.

However Top Packers and Movers Chandigarh offers you short distance, long distance and abroad shifting quotations with insured services, to get repudiated mover in good costs hire Professional And Safe Packers and Movers Chandigarh and for else know the things to consider first while choosing.

Packers and Movers Chandigarh to Bangalore


The best long distance Moving companies will have incredible reputation in both Packing and insurance industry. Now the challenge begins from where to check their reputations? Well there are Several Moving websites which shows you the ratings and reviews by pre-formals clients; so through their ratings and reviews you can easily check the reputation of the Moving Company.

Keep in mind that while seeing the ratings and reviews you have to trust it 100% if checking through a reliable website like My #Moving #Reviews shows you the actual reviews by customers and ratings so this might help you the hire a repudiated moving company in Chandigarh; also you can check for the reviews on the website of Best Packers and Movers Chandigarh Charges for all movers in Chandigarh.


Along with reputation reliability also matter, check the long distance moving company is #Reliable or not means is it government approved, licensed or not? However government approved Packers And Movers Patiala has displayed the license no. over the website for the convince of the clients so choosing a long distance mover from us can be reliable and repudiated without a doubt but if hiring from other company you need to check this.

India has different protocols to work over so if the moving company is legally authorized from BBB (which is Better Business Bureau) then you can easily trust for the long distance mover.


This is not mean that a long distance mover has expensive quotations but yes the rate scan be little higher than the local ones. Get the preview of quotations from the movers through the world and now compare it; the quotations rates can be little be vary but it follow the international standards so this might help you to judge the affordability of the long distance #Mover in #Chandigarh.

However the Packers And Movers Manimajra Chandigarh shows you the most affordable quotations with a blend of top services, legal permissions and reputation as well, so choosing mover with us may help you to find right mover in right price. Call Movers and Packers in Chandigarh.


All the above steps depends on the facts and logic, whichever mover has more facts the chances to hire it increases more however with the right choice of decision the decision making power is your intuition.

Whenever the stage comes where two or more movers are standing equally in every check step then you’re intuition makes the decision for hiring. Believe your intuition decision and move towards the long distance mover you have faith much.

Friday, 29 June 2018

How To Carry A Dresser When Shifting To Another City With Packers And Movers Chandigarh?

How do I move extensive and bulky dresser in Chandigarh?

Now-a-days dressers are being developed on customer demand according to their room interior or as they wanted to have. Different shapes and sizes a dresser can have with multiple drawers or sometimes not. So wrapping a dresser can be hectic work to do however a dresser also indulges mirror in it which cannot be even remove during #Shifting so packing of a dresser should be very protective and professionally that none a scratch could come on mirror and any damage occurs to a dresser. You can take help from expert and #Professional packers and movers in Chandigarh for dresser shifting in Chandigarh. Other than this follow the guide by Packers and Movers Chandigarh for #Relocating dresser to another place #Safely and like professionals.

Steps to relocating a dresser:

Rather than increasing the complications of the items inside a dresser you can pack the drawers with their stuffs only. Make sure your dresser must not have any liquid product which has a tendency to spoil during #Shifting.

Items on the dresser desk like oil, powder, cream, lotion, perfumes and etc must be packed separately with care and load in a different box label with dresser. Do not forget to place plastic piece on the open side of the bottle and put the cap tightly for assuring safety from spoiling it.

Also make sure you pack these items only when you are ready to move and are loading into the boxes otherwise Complications might increase with every time removing the plastic and again after using putting it.

Packers and Movers In Chandigarh

Look your drawers are arrange or not if they have some glass Packaging makeup materials which are common to see in every women dresser. If such items are there in your dresser then pack them with bubble wraps and also let them be load into the dresser box.

Items like combs, kazal pencils; deo bottles and other accessories of men’s and women’s do not need to pack inside drawers while moving a dresser. Let them be put inside the drawer and cover it with polythene sheets on the open side of the drawer so that the things inside it do not fall down.

If applicable then remove the mirror otherwise place the tape in X over the surface of the mirror to protect the glass and then pack it with paper padding and polythene sheets. Cover the glass with placing padding over it and then use tapes to hold it tightly and after it use polythene sheets and bubble wrap layer.

When moving dresser out from the house makes sure that the doorways are not coming in between the root of carrying dresser. Be careful to the doorways during moving dresser.

Do not forget to label the box with FRAGILE.

If you are #Moving with a mover then ask them to use dolly for the #Shifting of the drawer easily and safely to the truck. However you are paying them for the transportation and #Packing so you must know the equipments use for proper lifting and handling of bulky goods. So ask your mover to use dolly however Packers and Movers in Chandigarh use different equipments for lifting and handling bulky items.

Make sure during loading of dresser inside the truck it must touch the wall for protection instead it is place in the mid and do not have any protection. Placing it to one corner will be the best which also ensures that during speed breakers the dresser is safe.

Else than this for more assurance use straps to tie the dresser with one end safely to hold it @ one position throughout the relocation.

For better assurity and protection of your dresser during relocation from Chandigarh call safe and secure Packers and Movers in Ludhiana for Best and Safe Transportation Services in Chandigarh. Get your truck outside your house for moving with us and dropped outside your new door and get it arranged to safely with unloading and unpacking services of Packers and Movers in Chandigarh Local. For professionally organized moving contact top packers and movers Chandigarh.